Instant Almond / Badaam Halwa



  • Almond Powder 1 cup
  • Warm Milk 1 1/2 cup
  • Sugar 3/4 / .75  cup
  • Ghee 2 tsp
  • Few Nuts





  • Heat a pan with ghee, add Almond powder, fry it on low medium flame for 10-15 mins. (DO NOT FRY UNTIL GET BROWN COLOR).
  • Add warm milk into pan, keep on stir it to until become a thick smooth /paste.
  • It may take around 15 mins. The whole process,  flame should be on medium low.
  • Add Sunflower seeds. (You can add any your desire nuts).
  • After becoming thick,  add sugar and again, keep on stir it until gets Halwa consistency. It may take around 5-8 mins.
  • Switch off the stove.


  • Garnish with some almond flakes.
  • Enjoy hot hot…



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